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Late winter/Early spring updates

Posted by earlybird on May 25, 2015 at 7:55 PM

The snow melted early this year--around the end of January, after we got a huge amount of snow very early in the month, it began to melt off. The snow was completly gone by March, which is a month earlier than usual. This cut off our sled season really early, (it's a terrible idea to sled in blotchy, patchy snow!) and so there wasn't much to do outside. During February and March, we met several times but had no entire-club meetings or activites.

Late March brought Spring Break, and since then, we have had only one club activity and one partial  meeting, since the school year begins to pick up the pace this time of year. Since the Club began January 2014, it has been probably the longest club-hiatus ever without members being out of town. Our one activity was the West Valley Parking Lot Sale, which turned out better than last year, and kick-started our club budget. We now have a fancy coin-counter jar to put our budget in. 8)

We recently learned that one of our members, our lawmaker, will soon be moving out of town. We will miss you! Keep in touch, and come back and visit us often!:(

We also have a minor injury--Our vice-president has been in a leg brace and crutches for two weeks, and will be in it for another week. Ouch! She injured it during gym class, when someone kneed her in the leg. That must have hurt!:| Feel better soon, Horselover!

 So it's been an uneventful few months for the club, but a very eventful few months for our individual members. Summer is right around the corner, though! Get ready for a very eventful summer!

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