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How our fun activities are planned

Posted by earlybird on September 1, 2014 at 1:15 PM

Note that this is not done formally, this is done very informally and it just typically works out this way. We don't say "Okay, onto step four" this is just the way we do it without thinking.

Step I--proposal.

Any member of the club can propose an activity--these range from sessions of hide-and-seek in the woods to a weekend vacation at Family camp or a ski day. 

Step II--Acceptance

 Typically, at least three club members must be able to participate for it to be considered a club activity, and the acivtiy must be able to be effectivly scheduled and bugeted. 

Step III--"Big-picture" planning

This really depends on the activity. For things like skiing and day trips to the fair, excessive amounts of planning is typically required. For hide-and-seek, all we need is a place to play. Usually this third step involves an informal survey of club members to see what day will work out best, discussion of time we can get there, and basic stuff needed. (Ski equipment? Cell phones? Swimsuits? Walkie-talkies?)

Step IV--"Little detail" Planning

For things like skiiing and other in-depth activties, this is a very important step. Here we discuss

-Budgeting and saving money. 

-Getting needed supplies

-Safety in the activtiy

-Hour-to-hour plans and scheduling.

-Communication plans

-Storage of supplies.

-Getting transportation

Step V--Final planning and semi-final schedules and lists.

Here we make final plans and changes, and draw up  tenitive schedules, contact lists, and packing lists and hand them out. We make sure safety procedurs and ability levels are known in activties like skiing or swimming.

Step VI--Fun activity!

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