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Building A Clubhouse on A Budget--Part two

Posted by earlybird on August 25, 2015 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Good News--the clubhouse is no longer just an idea. Here's how it happened over the summer, as probably one of our most successful fun activties.


-Ballerina helped tear down a bridge, and was given the lumber


-Earlybird and Ballerina finalized the location.

-A few days later, building began

The first boards, which were nailed to trees, were originally planned to support a roof.  Since there were three trees, Horselover added a post  the fourth corner would be. From there, a decison was made to upgrade the roof to a deck, and the club worked to create a stable deck


-The deck portion of the clubhouse was completely finished


We're not sure how the rest of our clubhouse will take shape, but we have two options--we could build a room on the deck with a manually retractable tarp roof and horizontal plywood walls, or we could use the deck as a roof and build walls. We will hopefully choose and start on an option this week!8) Expected finish date: Before the snow flies!

Building a Clubhouse on a budget, Part one

Posted by earlybird on March 24, 2015 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

The club has been talking about having a clubhouse for months, but none of it seemed to be moving forward. There were plenty of things to do outdoors...

And then winter came. You can't sled every day, and it's difficult to when it's below zero. But indoor activites  are not the point of the club, and with limited transportation and weather that was far from favorable, we decided it would be nice to have a home base where we can hang out without being freezing cold, while not tracking mud all over the house and being bored.

So the answer was to build a simple clubhouse.

The club building committee (The President, vice-President, Human Resources, Treasurer, and Secratary), all have discussed potential locations, designs, sizes, and materials. There is over sixty acres of land available to us to build, and we have narrowed it down quite a bit. We want to build by the creek, in an area fairly close to all three houses. We don't want it to be easily seen by everyone, but we don't want to be too deep in the woods or off the beaten path. We have a handful of locations now. 

Designs is a bit trickier, as is sizes and the materials we'll need to use. More on this in our next clubhouse update!

No School Today!!! Snow day!

Posted by ballerina on January 5, 2015 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

1-5-15. Last night I set my alarm clock to The Bear, and its a good thing I did. When it woke me up, It was saying no school for all of the county. 14 inches of snow, and growing. No school for everyone in the club, including cookiemonster!!!!  We will probably have a club meeting, And defenetly sledding.

Early Winter updates

Posted by earlybird on December 12, 2014 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey, it's earlybird here!

The Fun Activties club was able to get together to go sledding for the past two weekends. We had a lot of fun and hot chocolate. Plans for later? Skiing isn't going to be a possibility this winter, but we already have plenty of great sledding snow, and plan to keep sledding until the melt in March or April. Going to church together? Absolutely. We plan to do this as often as allowed. 

We also plan to have a small Christmas get-together for a gift exchange and hot chocolate. 

Hot chocolate features promenantly in all winter plans!:lol:


Posted by ballerina on November 9, 2014 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Finally!! It started snowing tonight at about 7:30, and in half an hour we already have half an inch! Kind of bitter sweet, the first real snow signaling the end of fall and the start of winter. Time to start thinking about ski trips and sledding and best of all, Christmas! Well, I guess Thanks giving comes first, but.... well, you know. The snow made me start getting excited about Christmas. Horse boss and sports for life came my house yesterday, and today, only horse boss did. We watched M11B, Aka. Men in Black 2. We really enjoyed it!




Posted by horselover5300 on November 1, 2014 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (1)

My dad is planning to buy a horse in spring. I will be willing to train you how to ride and maybe go onto a easy trail that I know of. I am not sure if I can for sure or not because it will be my dads horse but I am sure he will be fine if it is a mellow horse. I am looking forward to spring!


Sledding season is coming soon!

Posted by earlybird on September 17, 2014 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

The cold is starting to set in, and we are getting ready for sled season. Here's the sleds that belong to each club member.

*Two zipfys (Sir Benjamin the first)

*About three reasonably functional toboggans, belonging to various members

*Two kneeboards (Belonging to Horsefanatic and toadee)

*One round toboggan-type sled (Earlybird)

*Two inner tubes (Earlybird and ballerina)

*Whatever sleds mickayla has.

However, not all of this works in all snow. We do not know how inner tubes work on anything (Our guess is ice with packed snow or powder and packed snow), but this is our findings from last year.

With loose, fresh, powdery snow, zipfys or toboggans typically work best. Runner sleds should work okay. If this is a layer less than an inch thick, the sleds do fine pretty much anywhere as long as there is a compact snow base. Deeper powder slows most sleds down and you need to establish a good trail. 

Packed down snow works on almost all sleds. If this is smooth packed snow with a fairly steep hill, this is prime kneeboard snow. Kneeboards tend to want a very specific type of snow in order to go at a good speed. 

Sheer Ice--Ice is a tricky one, because if you are on a good toboggan or a runner sled (We may be able to borrow a runner sled) it is all to easy to spin out of control. It is best to sled slowly at first, whatever you are using, and get a feel for it before you start experimenting or going fast. Runner sleds are amazing here, and some good toboggans work well too. Zipfys are usually pretty good here, too, although it depends on the ice. Kneeboards are not good here.

Ice with powder on top--This is great for zipfys, runner sleds and toboggans. You may need to experiment with establishing trails, depending on the powder and ice.

Ice with packed snow on top--this can be good with anything, but trail establishment may need to be fiddled with, depending on the snow you are using. 

We are hoping to have a great sled season!

Coming soon: Winter and skiing plans, and pics of our sledding areas. 

How our fun activities are planned

Posted by earlybird on September 1, 2014 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Note that this is not done formally, this is done very informally and it just typically works out this way. We don't say "Okay, onto step four" this is just the way we do it without thinking.

Step I--proposal.

Any member of the club can propose an activity--these range from sessions of hide-and-seek in the woods to a weekend vacation at Family camp or a ski day. 

Step II--Acceptance

 Typically, at least three club members must be able to participate for it to be considered a club activity, and the acivtiy must be able to be effectivly scheduled and bugeted. 

Step III--"Big-picture" planning

This really depends on the activity. For things like skiing and day trips to the fair, excessive amounts of planning is typically required. For hide-and-seek, all we need is a place to play. Usually this third step involves an informal survey of club members to see what day will work out best, discussion of time we can get there, and basic stuff needed. (Ski equipment? Cell phones? Swimsuits? Walkie-talkies?)

Step IV--"Little detail" Planning

For things like skiiing and other in-depth activties, this is a very important step. Here we discuss

-Budgeting and saving money. 

-Getting needed supplies

-Safety in the activtiy

-Hour-to-hour plans and scheduling.

-Communication plans

-Storage of supplies.

-Getting transportation

Step V--Final planning and semi-final schedules and lists.

Here we make final plans and changes, and draw up  tenitive schedules, contact lists, and packing lists and hand them out. We make sure safety procedurs and ability levels are known in activties like skiing or swimming.

Step VI--Fun activity!

Meet the club!

Posted by earlybird on March 9, 2014 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey, this is earlybird, the club secratary, checking in.(I get up early) Currently we have five members--Ballerina, the club president, (Who's into dance) Horselver, The club vice-president,(Loves horses) racerguy, the club treasurer, (he loves racecars), myself, and the Personal reasorces/vice secratary/alternate guy, who doesn't have an account yet. The five us made a club while sledding last December.